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Public Meeting Announced - 22nd October - 6pm

Public Meeting Announced

We're helping to coordinate a meeting of agencies for residents to find out more information

Following the effect of the heavy rainfall and flooding in parts of Stoney Stanton, a public meeting has been arranged for residents taking place at 6pm on Tuesday 22 October at Stoney Stanton Village Hall.

The evening will be a follow-up for residents to find out the County Council's initial investigation findings, as well as raise any questions or queries.

We have invited Leicestershire County Council's Flood team and Highways team to attend the meeting. Severn Trent Water and the Environment Agency are also invited. Stoney Stanton Parish Council and local District Councillors will also be in attendance at the meeting.

100 seats will be available at the public meeting. Priority will be given to residents of Stoney Stanton.

Notes of the meeting will be taken and shared with the Parish Council for any residents who are unable to attend the meeting.

General Update

  • We are continuing to work with partners, including the County Council and Parish Council following last week's floods.
  • Leicestershire County Council are responsible for roadside drains on the highway. If you wish to report a blocked drain you can use their online form.
  • Whilst responsibility for clearing may lie with other authorities, we want to help and support the residents of Stoney Stanton. We will continue checking storm drains in the area in periods of heavy rainfall and remove any obstructions if this is necessary. The last check took place last Friday, with another check due this week following forecasts for more heavy rain.
  • If you have any pictures or videos of last week's flooding please send these to Leicestershire County Council's Flood Prevention Team via email -
  • If anyone has any housing issues they can contact our Housing Options team via email. The Resident Support service can give advice on your rights, benefits and any employer issues. You can call either service via 0116 275 0555.
  • Help the Homeless, who were helping residents last week, can assist with blankets, replacement of white goods, food parcels and clothing if required. They are also able to help if residents are not physically able to clear their property.
  • Residents who do not have insurance are advised to contact the National Flood Forum by visiting the website or calling 01299 403 055.
  • Blue Pages is an independent directory of flood products with advice and information on what's available to help reduce the risk of flooding to homes.

Posted: Tue, 08 Oct 2019 11:34 by Roz

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