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PUBLIC MEETING - 29th April at 3pm at the Village Hall

Posted: Fri, 06 Apr 2018 08:58 by Roz

Public Meeting on Sunday 29th April at 3pm at the Village Hall to discuss the Leicestershire Forward Development Plan

Following previous posts the Council felt a public meeting would be helpful to the village so all residents are welcome to attend and meet with the Council members and see the public plans for the areas.

The strategic plan puts forward proposals for the new housing and transport improvements that would be needed to attract jobs and investment to Leicester and Leicestershire from now until 2050.

The new evidence includes reports on sustainability, habitats and transport impacts, all of which can be found on the Strategic Growth Plan website.

The final version of the Strategic Growth Plan will provide strategic direction and help shape the Local Plans that the city, borough and district councils are or will be preparing or reviewing.

It will also be used to support bids for Government funding to deliver the infrastructure needed to support growth.

The plan estimates that Leicester and Leicestershire needs 96,580 new homes and 367-423 hectares of employment land from 2011-2031. Some of these homes have already been built or have planning permission.

Beyond 2031, the plan identifies the need for a further 90,500 dwellings and additional employment land, which is why further land needs to be unlocked. Local Plans will deal with the detailed allocation of which sites will be brought forward.

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